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March 12 2017

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Elisha Cuthbert from 24. Want to read some horrible 24 fan fiction? Go ahead. Don't say I didn't warn you.

March 04 2017

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Joy Division

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Margot Robbie? Pretty sure it's Margot Robbie. Hi, Margot!
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Bright horizons.
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Working out. Gotta sweat. Taken from a random screenshot.
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Flat stomachs are sexy.
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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
— Thomas A. Edison

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
— Confucious
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Yes, I'd love some doughnuts.
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Fitness model dancing - look at that hair!

The Knight and the Spear Goblins in Clash Royale

Two of my favorite troops in Clash Royale are some pretty common ones: the Knight and the Spear Goblins.

Haven't played Clash Royale yet?

Get it for iOS here.

Get it for Android here.

All About the Knight

The Knight is unlocked in the Training Camp (Tutorial). He could be a single-target, melee troop with high hit points and reasonable damage. A Knight card costs 3 Elixir to deploy. The Knight has an amazing mustache, as the official description states and wields a long sword.

As a result of his low Elixir price and medium health and damage, the Knight is a great choice to use with the damage dealing violation. Alternatively, the Knight can be used to back up higher hit point troops, such as the Giant Skeleton or Giant.

Make use of the Knight as a meat shield for smaller troops, as it's reasonably high hit points. The Knight can just target one target at a time. The Knight will be distracted and overwhelm by using cards including Skeleton Army or Guards.

With damage and reasonable hit points, he is able to be played both offensively and defensively. He is able to survive two or a hit although Barbarians remain urged over a Knight.

It's possible for him to be supported with Skeletons and Goblins to deal great and quick damage. This combo is not just cheap but versatile. It also gives you Elixir to defend against your adversary and enough time. Deploy a dash troop such as the Bomber in the event the combo neglects.

He could be good for taking out glass cannons as a result of fast attack speed and his good damage. The Knight is actually a great counter to the Miner due to Elixir, DPS, and his higher health edge as well as the Dark Prince.

Since he is able to truly deal great damage the player shouldn't discount the Knight. They ought to use cheap troops to pull him towards the center like Spear Goblins and Archers, and so the Knight gets deflected and can not get to towers easily. 

All About the Spear Goblins

The Spear Goblins are unlocked in the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1). It spawns three single- moderate, objective -ranged Goblins with really low and hit points damage. 2 is cost Elixir to deploy by a Spear Goblins card.

They resemble the Goblins that are standard, but are more slender and taller, have sharper elven ears and a six pack, put on a blue/red bandana, possess a spear-instance tied using a rope to their own backs, and constantly have a wooden spear in their own hands. They share their ensemble with Goblins.

Spear Goblins might be great back-up to higher hit points troops like the Giant.

If reflected behind a tank, Spear Goblins will supply protection (6 Spear Goblins will take out single-unit glass cannons or Minion Horde essentially) as well as a strong push for the price of 5 Elixir; if coupled together with the more affordable tanks including Giant or Balloon, this is going to lead to a close instantaneous increase of a single Crown. This strategy continues to be quite exposed of spawning troops between the tank and its own support to the approach.

They may be used efficiently to take down air troops such as Baby Dragons, and the Minions, Balloons when they're diverted. But in the event the Spear Goblins are next to the tower, the Baby Dragon will take them out readily with 2 or 1 of its dash strikes with respect to the amount of the Baby or Goblins Dragon.

Spear Goblins really are an adequate shield for Towers against enemy air and earth Cards. As with other low hit point cards, charms and troops that cope area damage, including the Bomber as well as Arrows can easily eliminate the Spear Goblins.

The Zap is incredibly powerful to get rid of fighting Spear Goblins, due to the equal Elixir price of TWO of the charm. But, the player needs to be careful about when they use their Zap, as the adversary may make the most of this and send cards where the Zap might have been more suitably used, like a Goblin Barrel or Minions.

Because of the low Elixir price, Spear Goblins are often disposable and can be utilized to block an enemy Prince's charge. Spear Goblins may also be a more economical option to the Archers.

The Spear Goblins are used with high hit point troops put in front of these in association. For only two Elixir, the Spear Goblins may add any offensive and high DPS and aren't as prone to splash damage when supported as the Goblins behind a tank for their range.

They are easily able to deal high injury to the opponent's tower if Spear Goblins have anything in front of these. This can be great because most players are unwilling to counter the Spear Goblins allowing for rapid damage.

Spear Goblins are successful as air troop destroyers baits, or tower whittlers, however they're ineffective when used on offense. Spear Goblins are extremely much like Archers in just about all stats, but Archers cost 1 more Elixir and therefore are somewhat better in every way (except speed and amount of troops spawned). When paired with all the Zap for instance, they are easily able to get the better of a Minion Horde.

Spear Goblins with the aid of Crown Towers can in fact take a Prince out. They should set the Spear Goblins 4 tiles to 3 tiles upwards and the centre. The next Crown Tower may also damage the Prince, taking him outside when the Spear Goblins are attacked by the Prince.

There you have it -- two of the best common cards in Clash Royale. Good luck!

September 29 2014


Poptropica Arabian Nights Trailer

Are you ecstatic for Poptropica Arabian Nights to be released? It will be available for paid members on October 2. In the meantime, you can satisfy your appetite for the new island by watching the latest trailer that just was released on YouTube.

September 28 2014


Trailer Uploaded For Poptropica Arabian Nights

Poptropica Arabian Nights Island will be coming out for Paid Members on October 2, 2014. While we are all busy waiting for this new awesome island to come out, the creators of Poptropica have uploaded a new trailer on YouTube that you can watch.

September 10 2014


Solving Poptropica Skullduggery Island

The newest island mission from the popular online game Poptropica is called Skullduggery Island. It has been available for paid members of Poptropica in early access and will be released to everyone on June 17 2010. It is the longest and most in-depth island in Poptropica so far. Keep reading for all the Poptropica cheats for Skullduggery

When you arrive by balloon, you'll be in Fort Ridley, which is where the first part of Skullduggery Island takes place. In the Fort Ridley part of the mission, you must assist the villagers who have been frequently assaulted by Captain Crawfish, a dreadful and notorious pirate. Once you've got a ship, trading and battles will be part of the island quest.

Travel down Main Street to the right and cross the covered bridge. Once you cross over the bridge, go down beneath it and head back to the left where you'll find a gold doubloon.

Go back over the bridge towards the Main Street spot and after that go inside the General Store where you will see a lady inside. Click the doubloon inside your backpack and make use of it to purchase a bag of chicken feed.

Give the feed to the boy with the chickens. He will give you a chicken.

Now go over the bridge to the right and you will arrive at a corn field with a farmer outdoors. He'll tell you that the pesky pests are eating all the corn and that he can't give food to his family. Use the chicken here and it will eat the pests. The man will be delighted and gives you a blue candle.

Go up the hill and run past the house on the top and go back down to the ocean below. You'll see a woman there. Talk to her and she will tell you about her husband who has been lost at sea.

Next go back up the hill and enter the Governor's house. There are two men over by the fireplace on the right. Speak to them and use the blue candle from your backpack to make the invisible parts of the document appear. The Governor will tell you about the Treasure Map and the need to defeat Captain Crawfish the pirate.

Walk outside the house and then go all the way back to where you started the quest. There is a fort here. Climb to the top of the tower and use the telescope. You'll see a very small raft. Use the broken mirror to signal the raft which will sail into the pier.

A scruffy looking guy appears and it turns out he is the long-lost husband of the woman you met on the beach. He offers up his broken-down ship to you and wishes you luck on your adventure.

Embark on your ship and sail to the small island in the upper-left corner of the map. Avoid sea creatures, and especially pirate ships, but try to pick up salvage items in the water.

You'll soon arrive at Dragon Cove. Click on the dock and disembark. Now you can search for the first map piece which is hidden here in Dragon Cove. Jump down into the water and stand on top of the statue that is floating there. You'll find a mallet which will go into your backpack. Push the crate with the fisherman sitting on top of it to the right as far as it will go and then use the mallet you just found while you stand next to the gong. This will send fish up for the old man to catch, and he will give you the map piece. Dragon Cove is the home of the shipbuilder and is where you can purchase upgraded ships which carry more cargo and have more guns. It's also where you'll find the shipwright, who can repair your ship while in battle. But you probably don't have enough doubloons yet, so skip them for now. New crew members and upgraded ships cost thousands of doubloons and you need to earn more before you can start upgrading or adding to the crew. You can buy a small cargo with your doubloons, preferably Silk which is cheap here but more valuable elsewhere.

Sail to Bouffant Bay, to the right, again avoiding pirates and creatures but picking up salvage from the water.

The guy here once you arrive on the pier provides you with a tiny hint about the hidden map piece on this island. Run to the right and you will arrive at the trading post. Here you want to sell Silk. This trading post sells Medicine at a very cheap price so buy as much as you can while you are here. Now we're off to find the map piece. First, walk to the right until you arrive at a house with the hanging baskets. Jump up into the 3rd, then the 1st, then the 2nd (middle) one. Once that is done, you'll find the hidden map piece. In the nearby Willard's Warehouse is the Cargo Master, who can increase your cargo space for any ship by 50%. You probably can't afford to hire him right now. If you didn't buy the Medicine from the trading post yet, go get it now before you leave.

And now we're set to travel to the next island. Embark on your ship and sail down to Parrot Port. When you arrive, go to the Trading Post and sell all your cargo. Don't purchase anything here because everything is too expensive. In Petey's Pirate Pub is the Navigator, who can increase your sailing speed if you hire her. Upstairs on the left side of the pub you'll find a cracker. Go get it. Leave the pub and go back to the Trading Post, where you'll see a parrot. It will tell you to dunk yourself in the sea and come back to find it. Run out to the dock and jump in the water and then go back and you'll find him up near the roof of one of the buildings. Click on him and he'll tell you to clog the vent and see where he went. He's talking about a chimney on the building to the right, which you need to stand on. You can find the parrot in the palm tree over to the right. He tells you to go to the old tower and find a pirate that he knows. Head back to the left and you will find the tower near the dock where you arrived. The pirate is standing up top. Click on him and he'll tell you to return his parrot for a reward. Polly want a cracker? Look in your backpack and use the cracker. This will lure the parrot to you and when he returns, the pirate rewards you with the missing map piece.

Sail to Golden Harbor, directly below, home of the Golden Harbor Bank. When you go inside the bank, you can borrow doubloons which let you buy more cargo for trading and earn money quickly. The loan is good for us to 20 days but carries a 5% interest per day, so it adds up quickly. To get the map piece here, you have to light three of the five street lights, some of which go out when others are turned on. The specific order is to get the lantern on the far right first (the fifth lantern). Then get the third lantern, followed by the fourth one. Then, get the second and then finally the first lantern (far left). The map piece will then fall down from the archway. Once you have the map piece, go to the trading post and buy up as much grain as you can fit in your cargo hold.

Now, get back in your ship and sail West until you arrive at the Pirate Outpost. Sell your grain and buy Spice, which is cheap here. Up at the top of the island you'll find a building called the Corsair Cannonry. Go inside the cannonry. The cannoneer is here and later you can hire him to join your crew because he helps you fire your cannon faster. Leave the cannonry and jump up on the roof and then over to the top of the mast with the black flag that has a skull and crossbones. There is a small box called a cannon starter kit that lets you use the different cannon on the island. Now go down to the left and you'll see a barrel with a sign that says, "Danger - Explosive." Push this barrel off the platform and let it drop all the way down to the water below you. Leap off the platform and land next to the barrel in the water below. Push the barrel to the right and place it directly underneath the gold tooth in the big skull statue. Go left and fire the cannon there. Hitting the barrel will shake loose the Golden Tooth and reveal the hidden map piece.

Next, start following a trade route by returning to Dragon Cove to sell your spice. Keep going in this circular clockwise direction from port to port to build your profits so that you can purchase bigger ships and hire more crew. The Dragon - Bouffant - Parrot - Golden - Pirate route is not required, but workable. There are no shortcuts, but your progress is much faster as you increase your ship size and speed.

Once you have upgraded to the Phoenix Warbird, the largest ship you can sail, you should be able to battle Captain Crawfish. It will help if you have a full crew, especially the cannoneer and the ship repair guy. You'll find Captain Crawfish near Skullduggery Island in the lower left corner of the map. Sail there and wait for him to attack. Once you defeat Captain Crawfish in battle, sail back to Fort Ridley. When you arrive, go back to the house with the Governor inside. He will give you the location of the Buried Treasure and a Bone Shovel to dig it up.

Travel to the island and dig at the mound 6 paces right of the Black Flag. After the treasure is out of the hole, you will be surprised by Captain Crawfish and his crew, and a spy who posed as an aide to the Governor.

There's no battle here, however. Your crew sails in to save the day, and you return the treasure to Fort Ridley, where the Governor awards you the Island Medallion!
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