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October 27 2018

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An impressive scene in Minecraft. It reminds me of Rivendell from the Hobbit. I love Minecraft.
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Let's ride the rails all day in Minecraft.
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A tall mountain of lava and doom in Minecraft. Lava and doom. Scary stuff.
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Tower on a hill in Minecraft.

July 10 2018

Let me try that one again: Trump picked his judge.
Trump picked his judge
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Girl with owl.
Tags: girl owl pretty
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April 14 2018

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I really enjoy watching anime - dubbed in English.


USA launches a giant slap on the wrist

April 01 2018


Trump Keeps Attacking Amazon

Maybe he didn't get the package he ordered.
Tags: trump amazon
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Nothing fancy, but it's a roof over your head.

March 24 2018

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Setting sail on Roblox. It's almost as popular as Minecraft and has many more games you can play.
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Alone against the Ender Dragon in Minecraft
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surrounded by creepers. A scene inspired by Jurassic Park

January 28 2018

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Love springs eternal on Minecraft servers everywhere.
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She wore a crown of flowers

January 13 2018

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Stormy Daniels - the porn star at the center of the latest Trump scandal.
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Bluebloods, one of my favorite shows on Couchtuner and other streaming sites.

The Story...

Jamie Reagan graduates from the Police Academy and joins NYPD the same day a nine-year-old Latina girl is abducted walking home from school. Frank addresses the press about the case, and Danny is questioned about his interrogation tactics. The Reagans contemplate the right and wrong of taking matters into their own hands after a good Samaritan stops a criminal in the subway.

November 18 2017

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An aerial view of a richly detailed map in Minecraft
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Alex and Steve uncover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in Minecraft. I can't remember the last time I played with Alex or Steve as my skin in Minecraft. There are too many other choices!
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